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Saturday, June 26, 2010

What is this FirBiz?

How do I get these Fribiz?
That is easy but put some strategic thinking into it:

(1) Lose!
Every time you lose an auction on Fribiz, we actually give you your bid back *PLUS* compensation percentage. Let's say you've placed 60,000 Fribiz on a HTC TOUCH PRO Smart-phone auction that offers 15% compensation and you didn't win. You will get your 60,000 Fribiz back plus 9,000 Fribiz just for making the effort . Sweet, isn't it?

(2) Take the Challenge!
Participate in our Weekly Challenge. Every week we will challenge Fribiz members to a mission. It can be easy as photographing yourself with our logo at a crowded public area. Winner will get LOTS of fribiz, while participants will get less.

(3) Look for our affiliates (coming soon)
Blogs ,forums or any other platform that is our partner will be able to reward you with fribiz for interacting on their web site. We do not know how much they will reward you, but be sure to look for our logo.

(4) Currency Exchange
We can calculate how much each fribiz is worth and you can exchange real money with our fribiz. Note that the Fribiz's exchange rate updates once in a while.

(5) See us get crazy
Sometimes, in special occasions like holidays, birthdays or other events (or when we're just bored) you'll be surprised to get a nice amount of Fribiz from us as a gift.

FirBiz Like as a lockerz but Firbiz is bid web you can bid always

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