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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rohos Mini Drive

Rohos Mini Drive creates hidden and encrypted partition on the USB flash drive memory. You work with the files on the hidden partition without opening a special program. Those who have megabytes of sensitive files on the USB drive and seriously concerned with a data security, cannot imagine their USB stick without the hidden volume that is created using this tool.

It doesn’t require Administrator Privileges to open password protected USB drive partition!

Easy to setup, easy to use. Intuitive USB flash drive Setup Wizard automatically detects your USB flash drive and setup an ecnrypted partition properties. You just need to provide a protection password. One click - and you can save your first file into protected volume. Encryption is automatic and on-the-fly.

You can access your secret volume by entering a right password.

Disk-on notifications helps you to know when this volume is visible or disabled. If you click on the baloon the Explorer window will be opened on the disk.

If you need to open secured volume on a guest computer, you just click Rohos icon on the USB flash drive root folder and enter disk password. Rohos will start a volume and will sit near the system clock to close the disk when you’ll finish.

Despite the name “Mini” the program provides a decent USB flash drive password protection, has all necessary functions and wonderful user interface.

Download Rohos Mini Drive

CHANGE YOUR XP to UBUNTU (cool theme)

boooored of XP --->>dont worry
this following method can completely give a makeover from xp to cool looking ubuntu.

1.first download the below file and unzip it. uxpatcher folder and install it. tango patcher folder and install it.(select ubuntu icons in the selection menu). asks for a restart..(perform it now itself). hman folder.
6.and double click on human.msstyles u can see the difference. the reqired wallpaper.(included) may even change th fonts.(included) may even install cursors(included)
10.boot screen (incuded).

Windows Media Player 2008 Codecs Pack - All in One Codec

If you've ever come across a media file that wouldn't play in your media player, this is the answer to your needs. It installs the codecs--short for coders-decoders--that your media player needs in order to play back many different kinds of media.

For the techies out there, here's the list of what it handles: Audio CDs, DVDs, (S)VCDs and XCDs on the fly, and it adds support for 3GP, AAC, AC3, APE, AVI, DivX, 3ivx, DAT, h.264, x264, AVC, Nero Digital, DTS, FLV, FLAC, HD-MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, M4A, MPC, MP3, MP4, MO3, MOD, MKV/MKA, MTM, OFR, TTA, OGG/OGM, S3M, Vorbis, VOB, WavPack, ATRAC3, XviD, XM, WV, and UMX.


Folder Options missing in Windows XP

Guyz if you having this problem, PM me i'll send a small S/W to restore all FOLDER OPTIONS in Win XP or Vista. It will also fix the CANNOT SHOW HIDDEN FILES AND FOLDER error and Autoruns on your hard disks..After a virus attack in one of my client machines, the folder options from the windows explorer was missing and we were unable to show all the files including the hidden ones. So here’s what I did to restore it back:

Go to Run –>gpedit.msc User Configuration –> Administrative Templates –> Windows
Components –> Windows Explorer

Enable and then Disable “Removes Folder Options menu from Tools menu”
Close all windows explorer windows and then open again.. most probably your folder options is back.