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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Auto Refresh Internet Explorer At Regular Intervals

I was looking for an Internet Explorer add-on that would refresh my Internet Explorer at regular intervals. Monitor stocks, auto refresh cricket score, auto refresh any other sports score, auto refresh live auctions and much more. You can automate the process of refreshing in Internet Explorer.

I found two software that can do this.

1> You can use “Auto Refresher for IE”, a tool bar plugin which should be installed and enabled before using it. Once installed, go to ‘View –> Toolbar’ and enable it there.

I haven’t tried this on IE8, but it works good on IE6 (Internet Explorer 6) and IE7 (Internet Explorer 7)

[ Download Auto Refresher for IE ]

2> Another Browser Add on I found was Yrefresher. It is a Browser Add-on. Using Yrefresher the webpages can be refreshed at regular intervals in Internet Explorer, either you can customize them or use any of the predefined settings.

One main advantage of using Yrefresher is that you can set each browser to have it’s own custom refresh rate setting.

[ Download YRrefsher ]

If you’ve used these kinda of auto-refresh utilities, then you know these can be a pain if you are in middle of typing some data as the data, as an auto-refresh will force you to lose your data. Make sure you turn of this feature when you are handling data like filling forms, writing mails, blogging, replying to comments and various similar activities.

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