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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Connect to any computer in the world using TeamViewer

my new friend and new author on introduced me a amazing software “teamviewer” which lets you connect to any pc in the world through internet. Software’s like this usually don’t work for me as I’m behind an authenticated proxy server. I tried this team viewer as slzone insisted me to try it. I wasn’t expecting it to work, but I was pleasantly surprised to see it working. This software has amazing features like file transfer, presentation, remote support, vpn. The best use of this software is to provide remote support. Whenever you try to help your family members or friends with problems in their computer via phone or instant messaging most of the times they don’t understand what you are saying or the problem is not communicated properly. But now with this software you can fix any computer connected to the internet just by sitting in front of your computer. You just have to install this software on your system and ask the people on the other side to install the same and tell u the ID and password. Once you enter the id and password you will be able to connect to their system.People on the other side can watch what you are doing on their computer screen and can learn how to fix the problem themselves if it happens again. This login id and password will be valid only for one session.

For those who have never done real hacking and think that it’s tough and impossible…
See this software from a hacker’s perspective. This is something like a Trojan (This isn’t exactly a Trojan, a Trojan installs on the victims computer with out his knowledge and runs in the background) which installs on the victims computer and give you access to his computer. This software proves that hacking is not impossible.
Try to create a software like this yourself. Set a default login and password to it. Use social engineering to make the victim install this software on his computer (Program the software to start at system startup and run in back ground). Once done you will have complete control over the system. You can view what he/she is doing on his computer.

Here is the direct download link of the software TeamViewer

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